About Gyraf Audio

Gyraf Audio is the natural result of engineers, service-techs, and designers working in the pro audio and recording business for more than fifteen years. The commercial pro audio recording environment is an area where you need to be able to fix anything in no time, and come up with suitable technical solutions for just about any imaginable weird way of artistic thinking. In Gyraf Audio’s small production facilities at Lydhavnen, they are able to manufacture high quality equipment with the right amount of details for the rising demand of “old-fashioned” recording equipment made to modern exacting standards.

Being housed adjacent to a recording facility gives Gyraf Audio a major advantage. In general, it’s not always easy to get a piece of equipment that will produce just “that” sound which the recordist strives for. However when designing the gear and putting it straight into a commercial recording situation they get instant feedback, if you’ll pardon the pun, from the studio engineers. They are then able to modify, tweak, redesign and retest in a matter of hours thus enabling a very short design cycle.

Gyraf Audio founder and designer Jakob Erland